a small stone

...picked up on a long walk and put in your pocket

Jun 22

miauw! miauw! miauw! purrpurrpurr

they were worried about me. they saw my car but my curtains didn’t open all weekend. i feel blessed.

Jun 17

brilliant blue on the wing of the jay beckons me into the world

Three red-faced school children puff their way slowly through Pangbourne. Always at the back.

Jun 15

driving alone, I say them out loud and taste their deliciousness: flushed chest. flushed chest. flushed chest.

he settles down, finally, and gathers his brush tail in towards him.

next to him on the carpet, a small brown leaf with a curled stalk.

Jun 11

fuschia-pink crinkled petals around a yolky splodge

one day we will plant them in our garden

Sep 28

oh cinnamon bagel, cinnamon bagel, cinnamon bagel oh…. I love your cinnamon wafting scent and your salty dripping butter… oh cinnamon bagel, cinnamon bagel, cinnamon bagel oh… (repeat)

In between scrambled eggs, Sunday papers and a pot of coffee, I probe her psyche with my sharp questions.

Sep 25

the lovely stink of petrol fills the car

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